Maintenance Survey

Thank you in advance for your help in continuing to make this a great home for you and your neighbors. Please take a few moments to complete the below survey to let us know how our staff at the community is performing. We hope that all service was completed with little to no inconvenience to you, and that everything is back in great shape.
Unit Number
Was your maintenance request call taken in a kind courteous manner with all pertinent details obtained? If not please explain.
 Yes  No
Was your maintenance request completed within 24 hours of notice to the office or were you at least contacted by the maintenance service personnel to diagnose the problem so they could obtain the necessary parts to fix the problem?
 Yes  No
Did the maintenance staff appropriately fix the problem in a timely manner and leave your premise in the same or better condition than it was found?
 Yes  No
Were you left a notice from maintenance letting you know they had been in your home and your problem had been corrected?
 Yes  No
Were you contacted by the leasing office to make sure your request had been promptly and effectively handled?
 Yes  No
Please let us know if there is anything specific we could have done to have improved the completion of your maintenance request order.
Thank you for taking a few moments to share your thoughts with us.