Resident Testimonials

"Sylvan Lakes Apartment Homes ~ A lovely place to live. I just finished my first year here at Sylvan Lakes and have loved every minute of it the office staff is very easy to contact and responded to all questions quickly. The maintenance staff are very friendly cheerful and take care of any issues you have promptly . I can honestly say I have had the most positive experience at this location, and I have lived at other apartments but this one I am glad to call home"

"Awesome place to live! I can't say enough about Renee,Cathy and Curt. They have been so accommodating and helpful. The facility is beautiful and the residents have been great neighbors. I would encourage you to check Sylvan Lakes out before you go anywhere else." ~ Jim S.

"Pam was very meticulous and professional through out the whole leasing process. Her attention to detail was awesome and made the experience seamless and enjoyable. She ensured that the unit was of the highest standard prior to me walking through, which made it feel even more like "home"." ~ Gareth D. Horizon Pointe Villas

"I am just sending this email to you in regards to an apartment, that my daughter was inquiring about, she often talked with Liz, your property manager, about the time frame that it would take to get into the apartment, being my daughter was crunched for time.  Liz said that the previous tenant was moving out at the end of August, and that the apartment would not be ready for about a month, because there was some major damage done.  After weeks of my daughter communicated with Liz, she said that the apartment could be ready at the end of September, that was a long wait for my daughter, being that she was staying in a dorm with a friend, but she wasn’t suppose to be there.  Well what I am trying to say Liz and her husband did a fabulous job of getting the apartment done. Lauren, my daughter moved in 2 weeks early, Liz did a fabulous job of keeping our daughter informed of what was going on and the apartment looked awesome when we moved her in.  I just want to say thank you to Liz and her husband, what a great job done.  Liz went way above and beyond the call of duty to get my daughter into this apartment." Sincerely yours Laurie - Munger, Michigan ~ Winthrop Terrace Defiance

"An amazing place! This was actually leasing at my second property from this company and both experiences were amazing! I lived in one of the townhouses and if I didn't get a job offer out of state I would still be there. The apartment and grounds were always amazing! I am a big runner and its in a perfect location about a mile from Olander Park and about a mile from the start of the University Park Trail. Both paths had sidewalks except for the last few steps heading to the start of the University park trail, in the winter many of the buildings don't shovel and salt so winter running is a bit harder but clearly that's not on the leasing company. My neighbors were all extremely quite I really have absolutely nothing bad to say. And I absolutely loved Renee in the leasing office, she worked at the apartment complex I lived in owned by them when I first moved to Ohio and when I found out she had transferred to the Sylvan Lakes property I was so excited that I was going to be working with her again (even if it was towards the end when I was making my final arrangements to move out). I would recommend anything owned by InvesTek since I've never had a bad experience especially if Renee is helping with the process."

"We would like to express our appreciation to your maintenance team for the quick and excellent response to a problem that we had last weekend." ~ Frank and Karen Horizon at Hillcrest

"Thank you so much for all of your help! I really appreciate it! You have done a great job on everything and making my stay at Sylvan so enjoyable!!  Please thank Curt for me." ~ Anmisha G. Sylvan Lakes

"I can't thank you enough for how you have been. You've been great and one of the reasons we are renting at Sylvan.  You made it feel like home for us!! Thank you so much!! We both appreciate you very much for all your help." ~ Garrett C. Sylvan Lakes

"We've had a wonderful experience with Victory Place! They are very informative & pleasant. We felt so welcomed from the beginning & we look forward to leasing from them for a long time to come!" ~ Lara and Matt

"I just want to say thank you for always being so nice and helpful. You are by far the best rental manager Tyler and I have dealt with and it's so nice! It's so refreshing to work with friendly management. We can't thank you enough!" ~ Mandi P. Northwood Village 

"My name is Maria and I currently live at your property The village at Northwood. I love my apartment especially since it's across the street from my work and Renee Bezeau is by far the best leasing office associate I have ever worked with..."

"Sylvan Lakes was my home for nearly 13 years.  I loved my home there and will miss everyone who works there.  I could always count on Curt to take care of any maintenance issues.  The property was beautifully kept (even more so after InvesTek purchased it from Casto!)  Thank you for running such a wonderful community.  I will be certain to recommend Sylvan Lakes to anyone looking for an apartment." ~ Emily D.
"I wish to place a word of appreciation for the excellent service and support you are providing to Winthrop Terrace Apartments located in 1200 Putnam Street, Findlay , OH 45840. I was a Resident in Winthrop Apartments since November 2013 and enjoyed my stay there. Excellent Service and Support Maintenance - Mr. Perry. Friendly Support and Service and Excellent Management - Mrs. Kim Wilcox. It is a very safe, comfortable, calm place to stay for families with kids and play area for kids. Nice and warm pool during summer. Chili, cookies, pizza and food treats during the festive occasions and Christmas gifts from the Management (Ponsetta Plants). Letter of appreciation to the residents for keeping the apartment and surroundings clean, which really gives us a great feeling. I am missing the safe, comfortable stay, warmth of the Support Staff for any service and safety. Wishing Kim, Perry good luck and the very best to continue their great service to the Winthrop Terrace Apartments community."

"I want to express my utmost gratitude to Renee at Northwood Village for her excellent management skills and people skills.  She was wonderful." ~ Sylvia G.

"I have loved being at Horizon at Hillcrest during this transition in my life.  It very quickly became my home.  Your pleasant reception to me was so kind.  All maintenance requests are responded to immediately and the routine care of the apartments is very impressive."

"I appreciate Dale and his maintenance staff as well as Karen and Madelyn in the office. They have always exhibited courtesy, professionalism, and friendliness. As a former owner of a Management Consulting Group I can attest to their competence. Investek is fortunate to have these people represent them." ~ Horizon at Hillcrest

"I have enjoyed my time at Winthrop Apts (Findlay) and would recommend this place to anyone, based on how nice it is and the staff that works here.  Thank you for everything..."

"I have lived at Winthrop Terrace Apartments (Findlay) since August 1, 2013.  I have enjoyed living in your apartment complex for the last year and a half and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Kim Wilcox and Perry have been very professional towards me and my needs for the apartment.  They responded to my requests in a timely manner and repairs in the apartment were done within 1-2 days.  For that I am very grateful and you are very luch to have employees such as Kim and Perry.  I enjoyed living here, and I will keep recommending this place to others.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to stay at your apartment complex. Andi S."

"Thanks a lot Kim for the wonderful service rendered by you and Perry in making us comfortable. Ganesh S." ~ Winthrop Terrace Findlay

"Madelyn, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your oustanding customer service last week.  As dicussed, I have been living in a hotel for the better part of a year and cannot thank you enough for offering me a more permanet living situation.  Additionally, I appreciate how quickly you and Karen were able to turn this apartment around so Lola and I could move in.  Thank you again!!! Colleen V." ~ Horizon at Hillcrest

"Horizon living was a fantastic experience.  The staff were very professional and friendly.  Service issues were resolved quickly.  The grounds are beautiful and well kept.  I was proud to live there.  I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for apartment living! Kudos all the way around. Deb Z."

"I feel compelled to let you know how pleased I am to be a resident of Sylvan Lakes. It has been 7 months since I moved here and the staff continues to amaze me. Debbie and Becky are incredibly professional and responsive to all needs.  
Most pleasing here is to have Curt watching over us. Curt is fantastic at maintaining our homes. He responds quickly and efficiently to repair and maintain the homes and is always a joy to engage. Curt takes great care keeping a close eye on the property and its residents, including our pets and the wildlife around the property. I appreciate all that Curt does for us. Paula W."  ~ Sylvan Lakes

"Thank you so much for all that you do for us, our family and the 100’s of residents of Winthrop Terrace – each and every day!  It is appreciated!  God bless!  Ed and Sue D."  ~ Winthrop Terrace Findlay

"Horizon living was a fantastic experience.  The staff were very professional and friendly.  Service issues were resolved quickly.  The grounds are beautiful and well kept.  I was proud to live there.  I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for apartment living!  Kudos all the way around, Deb Z."

"Just wanted to say Dale from maintenance was a great help today. He was polite and kind. He explained how to use the thermostat in our apartment. Thank you" ~ Horizon at Hillcrest

"Hello Renee:

I am finally and happily back into my home.  Oh, what a comfortable feeling it is to be in a more familiar and stable environment.
First and foremost,  I would like to commend you for the way you handled this very intense, stressful and devastating experience for both of us.  I definitely see why you are the manager of this establishment  - you handled this very unfortunately situation with professionalism, concern for your tenant , and diligence in making sure all my needs were met during the time I was displaced.   What I am especially grateful about is the fact that you always stayed in communication with me and helped to resolve any concerns I had - from Estimated times of Completion of work to dealing with my temporary accommodations.
As I unpacked, this weekend, I noticed that non of my personal belonging were damaged.  I attributed this to the careful way you and Kristie packed my fragile items - in bubble wrap.  Again, I really appreciate you both for doing that for me.
I will go thru the survey, but I wanted to send a personal note of thanks before doing so." ~ Victory Place

"Karen, Madelyn, Dale - Just wanted to say thank you for all your efforts in plowing the parking lot as well as practical assistance to keep our pipes from freezing, etc.  It's been a terrible winter.  Brrr, I can hardly wait for spring!  But thanks to you, we've been able to keep functioning.  It's just one more thing that makes it enjoyable to live here!  ~ Marsha Horizon at Hillcrest"
"Kim and Perry are wonderful. They really make Winthrop Terrace feel like home." ~ Winthrop Terrace Findlay

"I recently moved from Virginia to the Sylvan Lakes complex.  The management staff at Sylvan Lakes has been extremely professional and responsive to my every need in this transition.  Specifically, Debbie, Becky and Curt have been fantastic support expressing genuine welcome with warmth and cheerful spirit.  They are truly gifted personnel that makes one feel safe and comfortable at Sylvan.  I am grateful for all their efforts.
Sincerely,  Paula"

"Renee, Everything worked out great for Clayton's move in day.  Tony was waiting for us and everything went smoothly.  It was bittersweet to say good bye, but I'm sure Clayton will find his way in this new experience.  You made us feel very welcome and it is comforting to know he will be in a good safe spot.  Materion did call him Sunday morning and told him not to come in on Monday due to the weather - I was relieved to hear this.  Nothing like starting your new day on the job in blizzard like conditions.  We appreciate all your help.  All the best..." ~ Northwood Village Apartments

"I left a 3 bed 3 bath home, in hopes to simplify my life. Sylvan Lakes has been perfect. The transition has been so much easier than I thought. The staff are fabulous. I am totally comfortable here!" ~ Julie Christy

"Everything was handled perfectly. Very fast and in a professional manner Dale Rose is wonderful. I thought my refrigerator was the issue, but it turned out to be my washing machine. Very happy with the service." ~ Horizon at Hillcrest

"My name is Syed, My experience of living in Sylvan Lakes Apt. in Sylvania Ohio (for about two years) was excellent.  Debbie and Becky who work in the office are very polite, kind and take swift action for any complaint. Curt and Jim who work in their maintenance dept. are very hard working and knowledgeable people who do fix most of the issues right on the spot. They keep the whole complex very clean also we love their gym which they have just renovated. Overall my family and I am very pleased with their services. I will highly recommend Sylvan Lakes Apartment on Sylvania Ave to families who are moving to Sylvania and looking for a place to live.
Thanks again for everything.
Syed and family"

"After 40 years as a homeowner, I have returned to apartment living. Life in Sylvan Lakes has been a delight for my first year, and I just renewed for another! I have found the office staff to be very friendly, helpful, and supportive. The maintenance crew is responsive and accurate. The compex is quiet and comfortable, well maintained, and home to many professionals. Good operation !! ~ Chuck Owen"

"Just wanted to thank Karen and Madlyn for all their help. They have gone beyond my expectations. Really appreciate them both. Thank you, Jan Farron"

"'Renee and Tony are wonderful at Village at Northwood. They really manage the property well and keep it in tip-top shape. It is such a contrast to some of the "not" well run apartment complexes we have looked at. Great place!"

"I would like this time to personally tell you that I have enjoyed living here at Horizon at Hillcrest Apartments.  This apartment complex offers a quiet atmosphere as well as a carfree living style with no extra chores.  The pool is a very nice extra commodity to relax in the sun and take a dip to cool off.
Also, the management staff is very courteous as well.  I could not ask for anything more while living here.  I will recommend Horizon at Hillcrest to anyone looking to live in an apartment environment." ~ Nancy Karhoff

"To Kelsey and everyone at Winthrop Terrace Apts. Thanks for all the great service from the main office to the maintenance dept. a great place to live God bless you all. Enrique V." ~ Winthrop Terrace Bowling Green

"Madelyn, Karen and Dale have been awesome! Love the dog friendly neighborhood I have moved into." ~ Horizon at Hillcrest

"Karisa is a very good manager, very courteous and helpful.   Most repairs get done in a timely manner. … Brian is a very good maintenance employee, has never had to come back to my apt after a repair.  His personality is super, always willing to help with anything. … The atmosphere is much better than previous management. … Very good staff. ~ Bud Warner” ~ Winthrop Terrace Defiance

"Dear Kelsey, June & The rest of the team, my family and I would like to thank you for the great hospitality you have given us so far.  Thanks for making us feel so comfortable in our new home.  Also, thank you for responding to our service requests so fast & the follow up after.  You have assured us that we made the right decision of moving here!  Thank you so much for everything!  Best Regards, the Hall Family" ~ Winthrop Terrace Bowling Green

"Thank you for your time on Friday! It was much appreciated the time you took to help us. .... Again, thank you for all your services!! ~ Kaylynn Kaeck" ~ Winthrop Terrace Findlay 

"Hi Kim, I am sorry that I missed you to say goodbye on Friday and thank you for everything with helping me and my daughter Jennifer. .... Thanks again, I am sure we will see each other again in the future, take care, Lori" ~ Winthrop Terrace Findlay

"Kim, Thank  you so much for taking time out of your day to speak to our kids yesterday.... I greatly appreciate your patience and great explanations to everyone. I had a chance to talk with the group at the end of the day, and it was obvious that they learned a lot by visiting Winthrop and speaking with you. Again, thank you!"
Sincerely, Michael Leddy, High School ED Teacher - Hancock County ESC

"My boyfriend Jacob and I were in this past week looking at the one bedroom you have available. After giving it much thought, we have decided to belong to your community. We are actually interested in your two bedroom apartments, seeing that they were much roomier for us. ... we really enjoy your facility you made us feel very comfortable there with all the time you spent with us and can see it as "home".  ~ The Village at Northwood

"Just want to say the ladies you have managing your apt. make you feel very welcome to your new home when you move in, your staff here is very good". ~ Horizon at Hillcrest

"Renee,  Thank you so much for your prompt assistance on Monday. You made the whole experience easy for us.  You made us feel very comfortable in renting at Victory Place Apartments.  The apartment is going to work out nicely and Dodie will make it a warm place to live. I look forward to my stay and working with you.  All the best!"

"I wanted to contact you again to say how wonderful the staff has been. I received a call from Beth, the woman who showed us the townhouse, and she was great. We were second on the list for any openings and she called us right away when the people ahead of us did not put down a payment... Beth has been a joy to work with and my husband and I look forward to living at Rossford Hills."

"I just want to let you know what an awesome property Horizon at Hillcrest is. I couldn't ask for a better place to live. Everyone here from the office to maintenance are wonderful. The property is gorgeous. My family and friends who come to visit have all said what a beautiful place I have to live. Thanks to everyone who has made this move so easy."

"As a resident of Sylvan Lakes for over two years I can't say it enough how great it is living here! The property is well-maintained and staff is always there to help! Thank you for taking great care of me allowing me to enjoy my "home"!"

"Thank you, Renee! Will do! You are the best landlord I’ve ever had! You and Tony are very nice, very easy to work with and take good care of us! I’ll miss you!"

"I would like to say that Northwood is a wonderful place to live. My son Jerron lived there for two years and it was very emotional for him to leave. Renee is an AWESOME landlord and was like a second mom to my son. That is very encouraging when we live over 2 hours away. He said it was hard for him to say goodbye to her and all his apartment friends he made during that time. There was never any problems with the apartment, maintenance, etc. as for as Jerron was concerned. AND JUST SO YOU KNOW I WILL MISS COMING TO NORTHWOOD."

"Good morning: My name is Penny Troxell and I have been a resident for over a year and half at Horizon at Hillcrest. I will be moving at the end of April and have given my written notice to the office. I wanted to reach out to your Corporate office to say what a WONDERFUL place this has been to reside. I have moved frequently for my job and have lived in many different rentals. This is absolutely the friendliest most cared for property that I have ever experienced living at. Karen your property Manager has to be one of the hardest working, caring professionals I have ever met. No matter what situation, she takes it all in stride and gets the issue/concern corrected immediately. She is outgoing, personable and a very caring individual. I am moving because I have bought a new home and if it was not for that I think I may have been compelled to live here forever! I have the opportunity to talk to many different people on a regular basis and when ask where is a good place to live.....Horizon at Hillcrest always is my first response. You have a WONDERFUL person running this property and I just felt like I needed to share my experience as tenant and give her the recognition she has certainly earned...."

"Hey Renee, I made up my mind, with a little help from my friends. I'm going to take the Executive Two Bedroom place you have, you sold me on your properties appearance and the kindness you and John showed me when I first came in to view your apartments.... I thank you for your help."

"Renee, is the best front person for this Rental properties. She makes you feel so welcome and gives honest answers. Tony is there for your every Whim! The best thing I personally loved, was being a woman alone, was having a garage to pull into at 3 am in the morning from working night shift. Never heard the neighbors, one time while standing at my kitchen sink I could hear the neighbors garbage disposal at a muted rumble. No noise from neighbors at all. Would absolutely recommend this place to anyone. As a matter of fact the people that transferred with me on temporary jobs were very jealous of my accommodations at Victory Place. No complaints what so ever!  Thank you Renee, kudos to you and your professionalism."

"It was perfect! I can't thank Renee enough for all of her help and understanding when I applied for an apartment. I will tell anyone who is interested in moving about Northwood Village. Mr Tony is wonderful with everyone. Thanks again for letting me choose these wonderful apartments."

"Were thankful for a wonderful and safe community here. Thanks to Mrs. Renee and Mr. Tony for all they do!!!"

"Thank you so much for your understanding, Renee!  This is going to be a good year for me! No doubt! With a good roommate and you who is always helping and understanding us!  Couldn't ask for a better Property Mgr.  You made me feel comfortable that is why we rented here. "

"Best move in the manager was so helpful, she is great!! Your manager is a treasure not one bad experience on the move with staff"

"Excellent! Love the pet friendly atmosphere!! I really like working with Madelyn in the office!"

"There is nothing that could have been improved, but I like to say that I am happy to have Tony as our maintenance man!"

"They all are absolutely wonderful and you have a great staff here!"

"The Property Manager is very good, and listens to problems and tries to rectify them. The Maintenance Staff are nice and try to be helpful. The Property Manager is always thinking of the tenants; trying to keep us happy - which is a job in itself. We appreciate the staff - and wish for them to continue."

"I enjoy living here. It is quiet, clean, and the Staff are always available to resolve and problems or questions that may come up."

"Horizon at Hillcrest is Perfect, I thank you everyday for a beautiful home."

"The Property Manager, leasing agent and Maintenance staff are the greatest here at Horizon! We have a wonderful community here and I thank you."

"The Property Manager has and is doing an EXCELLENT job."

"I can't imagine better, I have never been on my own, I feel very safe here, it is quiet, peaceful, and beautiful. The Property Manager, whom I had never met, made me feel welcome, was warm, friendly, kind, yet professional."

"I found the staff so very helpful and very kind. Any questions I had were answered right away. I felt like I was moving into a family rather than an apartment."

"We want to commend Sylvan Lakes Maintenance guy Curt for his fine work on fixing our bathroom problem. He was patient and committed through resolving the problem. He was also friendly, approachable & understanding when communicating to us hearing impaired tenants."

"Very impressed with the changes to the Northwood Village Apartments, the new clean and sparkling appearance of the property and the additional work, remodeling and updates to the apartments."

"I enjoy living here. It is quiet, clean, and the Staff are always available to resolve and problems or questions that may come up."

"Thanks for all the prompt service!"

"The maintenance staff here at Sylvan Lakes is one of the best I've come across."

"My husband and I would like to thank your staff. Everything at move in was better than we expected."

"The Property Manager at Rossford Hills is Awesome! Promptly takes care of anything I call about."

"I can't say enough good about the crew. They not only do the repairs they look after peoples welfare."

"I love living at Sylvan Lakes. It's a nice community. I will recommend it!"

"I am writing to let you know that we are truly enjoying living at our new place, here at Horizon at Hillcrest Apartments."

"Anytime we have had any questions or needed anything maintenance wise, they have responded promptly and professionally. We think that you have a great team here."

"I want to thank you for a well kept place to live. We enjoy our new home and plan to be here for years to come."

"Every aspect of our living experience here has been top caliber. Madelyn in the office has been especially courteous and helpful."

"I have never been treated so nicely and felt so welcome before. Thank you so much. Painting a wall (accent) is awesome. Great plus."

"Everyone was very helpful and polite. I would recommend living here to everyone. Thanks for a wonderful maintained and runned property"