Resident Testimonials

'Hi Cheryl...I wanted to send you a note regarding the kindness and professionalism of our maintenance staff.  This past weekend, our air conditioner decided it was done doing it's job. After a gallant attempt, it was deemed unable to be fixed.  Jim Hoops promised we would have a functioning air conditioner bright and early on Monday morning.  True to his word, he and Cody delivered a new air conditioner and in a snap, the heat and humidity were no longer inside our apartment.  This is a perfect example of why we have been a member of the 400 Napoleon community since 1982...As has been the norm with all those employed at Winthrop Terrace, going the extra mile is the rule of thumb and it is certainly appreciated..  I humbly thank you all for making our home community the fine place it is to live...' ~ Wendy K. Winthrop Terrace Bowling Green

'I have been meaning to drop you a note for sometime now, to tell you what a nice job you and your crew do in keeping our home in such good shape. Any concern or need I have expressed has been addressed quickly and accurately. Any maintenance issues I have had, including my washing machine problem this morning, was addressed immediately by Curt. Curt and his guys are in many ways the glue that keep Sylvan Lakes at the top of its game.

It is hard to believe that I have been here for some 10 years, and the ONLY issue I have had are Curt’s incredibly lousy jokes !! But those I can deal with by just rolling the car window up…" ~ Chuck O. Sylvan Lakes

 'Maintenance has been SO GREAT fixing these issues for us and being understanding during our weird time restrictions, too. Can you pass on our thanks to them for that - as well as to all involved in cleaning our sidewalks and parking lot. We are so pleased. We have rented for ten years and have had the best experience during these months with Winthrop Terrace. Feel free to pass on this feedback to all involved. Happy snow day!' ~ Lauren J. Winthrop Terrace Bowling Green

"I just wanted to thank you for your help today and also say that you seem like such a lovely person [Danielle]! I've been the one apartment hunting while my boyfriend works, and you've been the most pleasant experience thus far! "
~ Catherine N. Rossford Hills

 "Renee I just wanted to let you know how GRATEFUL I am for the opportunity to live at Sylvan Lakes!  This past year has been really rough and you have no idea how much you made my day calling and saying i got the place. I was so excited to share the news w my daughter..when I picked her up from her dad's I drove her thru the complex. I just started crying because I'm so grateful to be able to get out of where we are at. She said "mommy it looks so pretty and safe."  So thank you Renee!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!! " ~ Janice H. Sylvan Lakes

"I leased from Winthrop Terrace in Defiance over this past year and had an enjoyable experience! Liz Foor was very helpful and friendly to me as this was my first place on my own. Would definitely recommend this apartment to other people in town."
~ Cassidy H. Winthrop Terrace Defiance

"Phyllis and I would like to express our appreciation for all you and others did at Sylvan Lakes to accommodate Marion, her quirks, and her safety. We know that your staff always made extra efforts for her, and watched out for her. We would prefer to still have her living there, and only did what had to be done in moving her to assisted living." ~ Jon D. Sylvan Lakes

"Hi Renee, John and I found a house so we will not be renewing our lease. Thank you so much for everything over these past two years. If it wasn't for buying a house, we would definitely be staying. You and the rest of the staff have really made Sylvan Lakes feel like home." ~ Chloe Sylvan Lakes

"Renee, Just thought I would say-it really was a pleasure meeting you Wednesday. I appreciate your kindness and professionalism. Good people with a strong work ethic are hard to find. Hope you have a good Holiday. Looking forward to hopefully having an opening for us. I feel like my son and I would be comfortable there."Dana K. Sylvan Lakes

"Cheryl is by far the most pleasant person I've talked to looking for apartments these past 2 months!  Such a breath of fresh air talking to her!" ~ Michael R. Winthrop Terrace Bowling Green

"We have had such a positive experience with Winthrop Terrace." ~ Winthrop Terrace Bowling Green

"I have lived in many apartment complexes over the years and you guys are absolutely the best!" ~  Jollie B. Sylvan Lakes

"I would just love to commend Liz for all of her help in getting me approved for this apartment. She is so sweet and kind. Very encouraging and went above and beyond. I appreciate her very much in everything she’s done to help me get here and I cannot wait to move in!" ~ Ariana Winthrop Terrace Defiance

"Been here almost a year.  Really glad I moved here.  Cheryl and the staff are friendly and always helpful.  Any maintenance issues are resolved quickly.  Having the gas, internet and water/sewer included is a major bonus and the snow removal rocks." ~ Winthrop Terrace Bowling Green

"Thank-You SO MUCH for the card !! We have been here for over a year and I must say that was a first !! Wait until Christmas. You are a breath of fresh air, I love how personal you are and what you are bringing to our community. I will be sure to pop in sometime and introduce myself !!" ~ Horizon Pointe Villas

"A lovely place to live. I just finished my first year here at Sylvan Lakes and have loved every minute of it the office staff is very easy to contact and responded to all questions quickly. The maintenance staff are very friendly cheerful and take care of any issues you have promptly . I can honestly say I have had the most positive experience at this location, and I have lived at other apartments but this one I am glad to call home"
~ Sylvan Lakes 

"Awesome place to live! I can't say enough about Renee,Cathy and Curt. They have been so accommodating and helpful. The facility is beautiful and the residents have been great neighbors. I would encourage you to check Sylvan Lakes out before you go anywhere else." ~ Jim S. Sylvan Lakes

"Pam was very meticulous and professional throughout the whole leasing process. Her attention to detail was awesome and made the experience seamless and enjoyable. She ensured that the unit was of the highest standard prior to me walking through, which made it feel even more like "home"." ~ Gareth D. Horizon Pointe Villas

"I am just sending this email to you in regards to an apartment, that my daughter was inquiring about, she often talked with Liz, your property manager, about the time frame that it would take to get into the apartment, being my daughter was crunched for time.  Liz said that the previous tenant was moving out at the end of August, and that the apartment would not be ready for about a month, because there was some major damage done.  After weeks of my daughter communicated with Liz, she said that the apartment could be ready at the end of September, that was a long wait for my daughter, being that she was staying in a dorm with a friend, but she wasn’t suppose to be there.  Well what I am trying to say Liz and her husband did a fabulous job of getting the apartment done. Lauren, my daughter moved in 2 weeks early, Liz did a fabulous job of keeping our daughter informed of what was going on and the apartment looked awesome when we moved her in.  I just want to say thank you to Liz and her husband, what a great job done.  Liz went way above and beyond the call of duty to get my daughter into this apartment." ~ Laurie Munger, Winthrop Terrace Defiance

"We would like to express our appreciation to your maintenance team for the quick and excellent response to a problem that we had last weekend." ~ Frank and Karen Horizon at Hillcrest

"Thank you so much for all of your help! I really appreciate it! You have done a great job on everything and making my stay at Sylvan so enjoyable!!  Please thank Curt for me."
~ Anmisha G. Sylvan Lakes

"I can't thank you enough for how you have been. You've been great and one of the reasons we are renting at Sylvan.  You made it feel like home for us!! Thank you so much!! We both appreciate you very much for all your help." ~ Garrett C. Sylvan Lakes

"We've had a wonderful experience with Victory Place! They are very informative & pleasant. We felt so welcomed from the beginning & we look forward to leasing from them for a long time to come!" ~ Lara and Matt Victory Place

"Sylvan Lakes was my home for nearly 13 years.  I loved my home there and will miss everyone who works there.  I could always count on Curt to take care of any maintenance issues.  The property was beautifully kept (even more so after InvesTek purchased it from Casto!)  Thank you for running such a wonderful community.  I will be certain to recommend Sylvan Lakes to anyone looking for an apartment." ~ Emily D. Sylvan Lakes
"I have loved being at Horizon at Hillcrest during this transition in my life.  It very quickly became my home.  Your pleasant reception to me was so kind.  All maintenance requests are responded to immediately and the routine care of the apartments is very impressive."
~ Horizon at Hillcrest

"I appreciate Dale and his maintenance staff as well as Karen and Madelyn in the office. They have always exhibited courtesy, professionalism, and friendliness. As a former owner of a Management Consulting Group I can attest to their competence. Investek is fortunate to have these people represent them."
~ Horizon at Hillcrest

"I have enjoyed my time at Winthrop Apts (Findlay) and would recommend this place to anyone, based on how nice it is and the staff that works here.  Thank you for everything..."
~ Winthrop Terrace Findlay

"I have lived at Winthrop Terrace Apartments (Findlay) since August 1, 2013.  I have enjoyed living in your apartment complex for the last year and a half and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Kim Wilcox and Perry have been very professional towards me and my needs for the apartment.  They responded to my requests in a timely manner and repairs in the apartment were done within 1-2 days.  For that I am very grateful and you are very lucky to have employees such as Kim and Perry.  I enjoyed living here, and I will keep recommending this place to others.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity to stay at your apartment complex! ~ Andi S. Winthrop Terrace Findlay

"Thanks a lot Kim for the wonderful service rendered by you and Perry in making us comfortable." ~
Ganesh S. Winthrop Terrace Findlay

"Madelyn, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your outstanding customer service last week.  As discussed, I have been living in a hotel for the better part of a year and cannot thank you enough for offering me a more permanent living situation.  Additionally, I appreciate how quickly you and Karen were able to turn this apartment around so Lola and I could move in.  Thank you again!!!  ~
Colleen V.  Horizon at Hillcrest

"Horizon living was a fantastic experience.  The staff were very professional and friendly.  Service issues were resolved quickly.  The grounds are beautiful and well kept.  I was proud to live there.  I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for apartment living! Kudos all the way around.
 ~ Deb Z. Horizon at Hillcrest

"I feel compelled to let you know how pleased I am to be a resident of Sylvan Lakes. It has been 7 months since I moved here and the staff continues to amaze me. Debbie and Becky are incredibly professional and responsive to all needs.  
Most pleasing here is to have Curt watching over us. Curt is fantastic at maintaining our homes. He responds quickly and efficiently to repair and maintain the homes and is always a joy to engage. Curt takes great care keeping a close eye on the property and its residents, including our pets and the wildlife around the property. I appreciate all that Curt does for us." ~ Paula W. Sylvan Lakes

"Thank you so much for all that you do for us, our family and the 100’s of residents of Winthrop Terrace – each and every day!  It is appreciated!  God bless!  ~Ed and Sue D. Winthrop Terrace Findlay

"Just wanted to say thank you for all your efforts in plowing the parking lot as well as practical assistance to keep our pipes from freezing, etc.  It's been a terrible winter.  Brrr, I can hardly wait for spring!  But thanks to you, we've been able to keep functioning.  It's just one more thing that makes it enjoyable to live here!  ~ Marsha Horizon at Hillcrest"

"Kim and Perry are wonderful. They really make Winthrop Terrace feel like home." ~ Winthrop Terrace Findlay

"I left a 3 bed 3 bath home, in hopes to simplify my life. Sylvan Lakes has been perfect. The transition has been so much easier than I thought. The staff are fabulous. I am totally comfortable here!" ~ Julie C. Sylvan Lakes

"Everything was handled perfectly. Very fast and in a professional manner Dale Rose is wonderful. I thought my refrigerator was the issue, but it turned out to be my washing machine. Very happy with the service." ~ Horizon at Hillcrest

"After 40 years as a homeowner, I have returned to apartment living. Life in Sylvan Lakes has been a delight for my first year, and I just renewed for another! I have found the office staff to be very friendly, helpful, and supportive. The maintenance crew is responsive and accurate. The compex is quiet and comfortable, well maintained, and home to many professionals. Good operation !! ~ Chuck O. Sylvan Lakes

"I would like this time to personally tell you that I have enjoyed living here at Horizon at Hillcrest Apartments.  This apartment complex offers a quiet atmosphere as well as a carfree living style with no extra chores.  The pool is a very nice extra commodity to relax in the sun and take a dip to cool off.
Also, the management staff is very courteous as well.  I could not ask for anything more while living here.  I will recommend Horizon at Hillcrest to anyone looking to live in an apartment environment."
~ Nancy K. Horizon at Hillcrest

"To Kelsey and everyone at Winthrop Terrace Apts. Thanks for all the great service from the main office to the maintenance dept. a great place to live God bless you all. Enrique V."
~ Winthrop Terrace Bowling Green

"Love the dog friendly neighborhood I have moved into." ~ Horizon at Hillcrest

"Karisa is a very good manager, very courteous and helpful.   Most repairs get done in a timely manner. … Brian is a very good maintenance employee, has never had to come back to my apt after a repair.  His personality is super, always willing to help with anything. … The atmosphere is much better than previous management. … Very good staff." ~
Bud Warner, Winthrop Terrace Defiance

 "Dear Kelsey, June & The rest of the team, my family and I would like to thank you for the great hospitality you have given us so far.  Thanks for making us feel so comfortable in our new home.  Also, thank you for responding to our service requests so fast & the follow up after.  You have assured us that we made the right decision of moving here!  Thank you so much for everything!  Best Regards, the Hall Family" ~ Winthrop Terrace Bowling Green

"Thank you for your time on Friday! It was much appreciated the time you took to help us. .... Again, thank you for all your services!!" ~ Kaylynn K. Winthrop Terrace Findlay 

"Just want to say the ladies you have managing your apt. make you feel very welcome to your new home when you move in, your staff here is very good". ~ Horizon at Hillcrest
"I just want to let you know what an awesome property Horizon at Hillcrest is. I couldn't ask for a better place to live. Everyone here from the office to maintenance are wonderful. The property is gorgeous. My family and friends who come to visit have all said what a beautiful place I have to live. Thanks to everyone who has made this move so easy." ~ Horizon at Hillcrest

"As a resident of Sylvan Lakes for over two years I can't say it enough how great it is living here! The property is well-maintained and staff is always there to help! Thank you for taking great care of me allowing me to enjoy my "home"!" ~ Sylvan Lakes

"Good morning: My name is Penny Troxell and I have been a resident for over a year and half at Horizon at Hillcrest. I will be moving at the end of April and have given my written notice to the office. I wanted to reach out to your Corporate office to say what a WONDERFUL place this has been to reside. I have moved frequently for my job and have lived in many different rentals. This is absolutely the friendliest most cared for property that I have ever experienced living at..." ~ Penny T. Horizon at Hillcrest

"Renee, is the best front person for this Rental properties. She makes you feel so welcome and gives honest answers. Tony is there for your every Whim! The best thing I personally loved, was being a woman alone, was having a garage to pull into at 3 am in the morning from working night shift. Never heard the neighbors, one time while standing at my kitchen sink I could hear the neighbors garbage disposal at a muted rumble. No noise from neighbors at all. Would absolutely recommend this place to anyone. As a matter of fact the people that transferred with me on temporary jobs were very jealous of my accommodations at Victory Place. No complaints what so ever!" ~ Victory Place

"They all are absolutely wonderful and you have a great staff here!" ~ Winthrop Terrace Bowling Green

"The Property Manager at Rossford Hills is Awesome! Promptly takes care of anything I call about." ~ Rossford Hills

"I love living at Sylvan Lakes. It's a nice community. I will recommend it!" ~ Sylvan Lakes

"I can't say enough good about the crew. They not only do the repairs  they look after peoples welfare."~ Investek Community

 "I would like to say that my stay at Sylvan Lakes has been nothing short of outstanding and I cannot fault the management or staff at all. The grounds are always kept tidy, maintenance requests are actioned quickly and the complex as a whole is very quiet and peaceful." ~ Robert Emmett, Sylvan Lakes

"Great Villas with a great location in Findlay. We loved living here and met some nice/friendly residents during our 2.5 years here. They are unique and there are not other options like them in town." ~ Julie and Stan Porter, Horizon Pointe Villas